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Technology Equipment Finance

Equipment Financing

We pride ourselves on our ability to focus on essay writing service the details and provide a long-term “whole service” experience for our customers.

FUNDTECHNOW is a powerhouse in information technology financing, helping customers acquire state-of-the-art technology through creative and flexible payment solutions.

We pride ourselves on our ability to focus on the details and provide complete leasing solutions that consolidate hardware, 100% software licensing, services, and maintenance expenses into manageable installment payments for our customers.

From inception to final invoice, our team manages the process to ensure that every detail meets the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

By working with FUNDTECHNOW, you have access to experienced leasing professionals and flexible financial resources, so you can focus on your core business and put your time and talent where it yield the buy custom essays online greatest results.

One of the most common reasons for leasing technology is to eliminate obsolescence – FUNDTECHNOW permits regular upgrades, reducing obsolescence risk with asset life-cycle management.

Depreciating Value of Technology

Why would you want to own equipment that loses its value rapidly while technological advancements increase quickly?

Advantages of Leasing:

1. Cash Management

  • Conserves working capital
  • Maximizes current available spend
  • Improves budgeting
  • Enables creative payment profiling

3. Accounting and Taxation Strategy

  • Tax efficiency – rentals may be offset against taxable profit
  • Operating lease treatment offers off balance sheet potential
  • Improved ROI & financial ratios
  • Simplified reporting

2. Technological Change

  • Minimizes risk of technology acquisition
  • Protects from obsolescence
  • Technology Refresh and upgrade opportunities
  • Asset Lifecycle Management

4. Flexibility and Convenience

  • Protects existing credit lines
  • End of term flexibility
  • One Stop Shop – for hardware, software and services financing
  • Faster Approval – quarterly payment easier to approve than capital amount

Why pay cash?

Financially strong businesses might be tempted to fund new technology with cash, but this draws vital resources away from other critical investments.

  • Financing your equipment helps you preserve your cash and liquidity
  • Financing can potentially help you maximize your profits through tax allowances
  • Financing enables you to benefit from technology usage without the burden of ownership


  • Up-front capital expenditure
  • On balance sheet
  • 100% of cost incurred
  • Technological inflexibility
  • Predictable monthly charges
  • Off balance sheet potential
  • Inflation proofing
  • Risk of ownership transferred
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